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    Any way to override default printer settings into a PDF


      Hi -- I work for a large organization that has lots of computers and printers and prints a lot of forms and documents.  We are moving towards more digitization of documents and records including printing forms as needed as opposed to having large sets of forms onhand.  This should save us a lot of time and money once complete as these forms often change and the old process would be to then trash much of these documents and re-print for just one change.  The majority of our printers do have letter & legal trays as well as duplex support, however due to the vast number of users the default printer settings tied to each user and/or computer may be slightly different.  While standardizing all the printer settings across all users/computers would be one solution, we don't anticipate doing this as depending on the job peformed the different settings may be more preferable / advantageous for that user.


      As such the other solution I can think of is to hardcode the specific printer settings needed to correctly print a large document into that PDF file which may differ from that computer's print settings.  For example, the default computer print settings may be to print on just 1 side but duplex would be encoded / scripted directly into the PDF so IRREGARDLESS of the computer/printer settings this document would always print duplexed.


      Is there anyway to do this?  I would need to do more than just duplexing -- ie some form sets would need to be both duplexed and 'fit to printable area' whereas some would need to be only on one page and 'shrunk to printable area', etc, etc.  Our current practice is to insert a 1 page coversheet at the front of each document with the printer settings that need to be used for that form set, however this has been difficult for some users to do and has caused unnecessary time with our IT troubleshooting form printing.