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    Photos from LR4 cannot be opened in PSE10




      I have installed the trial versions of LR 4 and PSE 10 on my macbook. Basically, everything runs smoothly.

      I have imported a test directory in my catalog for LR4, where I can access images and edit them.

      However, I cannot open and transfer pictures from LR4 by context menu to PSE 10 (menu entry >Foto>edit in>Photoshop Elements).


      Opening PSE10 from Finder by context menu works fine. I also configured editing pictures in another program in the LR 4 preferences.

      I have tried two versions: the selection of the alias "Photoshop Elements 10", which can be found in / Applications / Adobe Photoshop Elements /.

      That did not work. Then I looked into the alias, and I followed the indicated path. This leads to the file "Photoshop Elements Editor," in a subdirectory

      of the above folder, / Support Files /. Unfortunately, this did not work either.


      Do I miss the correct PSE10 file for the configuration? Or anything else?