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    Disable Digital Signatures in 10.1.3?


      I have a PDF form that would give me the "Security setting on this document prevent... placing a signature on it from Adobe Reader" when I clicked the "Sign" tab.


      Now after upgrading to 10.1.3 I don't get this message anymore. It lets me apply a signature. I DO NOT want this. So how can I block digital signatures for the 10.1.3 reader?



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          AmbooS Adobe Employee

          Are you not seeing the message on opening the Sign pane with your form? There were some enhancements made in Reader v. 10.1.3 around enabling Sign pane options depending upon the document permissions. For Acroforms that are not Reader-Extended, dont have digital signature fields or that dont have any Submit button will now have ALL options enabled so that a user can fill and sign an Acroform without having to print it. So if your form does not have any of these, all options will be enabled in Sign pane.


          This feature is completely unrelated to Digital Signatures. Using the Sign pane in Reader, a user can add text and also electronically sign the document (this is not the same as digital signature) using an image of their signature (user can create a 'signature' from a scanned paper which has user's handwritten signature), or create a Typewritten signature or hand-draw a signature, and place it on the PDF.

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            jessesternberg Level 1

            Ok, thanks for explaining the difference between digital signatures and the sign pane. I was using the wrong wording.


            What I'm looking to do is disable the sign pane then. I noticed this shows up by default on all pdfs, but I can't find a straightforward way to disable it.



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              I am also looking to disable the sign function in Reader 10. Can this be done in the newest version of Acrobat Pro? We are not prepared nor have proper certification in place to receive forms electronically. Please help:(