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    Adobe Premiere...does it suck? Yes..


      I have been using this product about 6 or 7 weeks now and I'm experiencing nothing than trouble with it.

      I like the interface, but so many other things really frustrate me.

      Problems occur on and off, sometimes it works ok, often it doesn't.

      After re-installing things it comes back again, but in time things just detoriate.


      The preview in the interface lags, there is not really a good workable flow.

      It freezes, or even crashes so now and then.

      Sometimes the welcome screen just dissapears after clicking the options.

      The saved project won't work anymore, or there are hick ups with it.

      Sometimes everything works ok again when I start a new project.

      Sometimes it reports errors about formats/codecs or video cards.


      My laptop is a Vista Servicepack 1 HP pavillion 9600 dual core and has  all the codecs, Quicktime and driver upgrades of the NVIDIA videocard etc.

      It has more then enough free space.

      I don't think there is a problem with the laptop, as I formatted it 2 months ago with a fresh Vista install and all the drivers.

      I'm not having any problem with other software, only Premiere.

      I'm sick of this torturing product and I can't wait to destroy it with a big sledgehammer.

      I'll pay another 140 Euro's (again), but this time for a product that really works (so I hear).