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    How to rename a file

    fucanon Community Member

      I have a few files/images that I want to rename. When I go to the Organizer and click File >Rename, Rename is always in gray so I can't use it. How can I rename a file that is not in the Photoloader on my Mac so I don't disconnect the file?

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          dj_paige Community Member

          I think you have to click on the file(s) to select them first, then rename

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            Bob Ward Community Member

            I just highlight the file name in the Organizer Properties box and type in the new name and then just click somewhere else on the screen.  Works everytime.  Just do not try to change the file format this way., e.g., if it is a jpeg format in the properties box, do not try to change it to a psd or some other format.  In other words, you just highlight the file name to the left of the decimal point and only change that.

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              ashborges Community Member

              If you are working in Organizer, You have to select the file(s) to get the File -> rename enabled. If you want to rename multiple files in one go, you can use the Process Multiple files option in Editor. In Editor, You can find this option in File -> Process Multiple Files.