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    Adobe After Effects Crahsing on Start up


      I just added a new SATA hard drive and after getting it partitioned several of my Adobe Applications crash upon start up to include After Effects, IIllistrator, Encore, and Bridge.  The After Effects Error message indicates that there is an issue with the dynamiclink manager.  I am not sure if the new hard drive has anything to do with the problem or not.  This hard drive was just added for more space.  The adobe applications are on another drive entirely.


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          On which drive are the apps exactly? Did you trash the prefs? Sounds like they are simply looking for configuration data and it just isn't there because you jumbled up your drive letters or something like that... Also if you just moved the apps to another drive, this would be expected because likewise, all the configs and rtegistry keys would no longer fit and if bad comes to worse, the licensing system may go belly up... Work out that prefs thing and/or reinstall.