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    Really bad banding despite adding grain

    dh91 Level 1

      I have a background layer that is a gradient generated from the ramp effect. Right in AE I could see that the shades were "banding", so I tried increasing the composition to 16 and 32 bits, but this didn't seem to help it. I added some grain and exported. the result didn't seem to bad but my scrutinizing eye could see some banding still going on, but probably not detectable to the average person, so I imported into FCP to add audio, finished with that, exported, then dropped the file into MPEG Streamclip to be converted to a .mp4. When i watched this version (at 90% quaility) there is a REALLY noticeable line between 2 shades of color. I added even more noise in FCP, but this hasn't helped much, and now there is a really yucky amount of noise which isn't doing anything.


      I should of mentioned earlier that the file was a ProRes out of AE until it went to MPEG Streamclip.


      Am I missing something here? Could it have to do with the ramp effect?