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    Dispatcher flush keeps queuing up

    shrik046 Level 1

      We have been having this problem for the past couple of weeks. Activations complete just fine to all other agents except the dispatcher flush. The queue keeps building up and the only way to clear it is by restarting the replication bundle repeateadly (approximately 10-15 times for 200+ queued items).


      Can anyone suggest how to troubleshoot this issue? Any help is appreciated.


      Environment: CQ 5.3, CRX 2.2

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          Jeff Brown

          I'd suggest a couple things:

          1. Check what version of dispatcher you are running and if not the latest see the release notes to see what issues have been fixed and consider upgrading.
          2. Verify it is not a network communication issue somewhere between author and apache that is either bottlenecking or sporadicaly failing.  (though the fact that a restart of the software on CQ resolves this temporarily makes me think this is unlikely). 
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            Chetanya Jain Level 1

            Check if you have configured any /etc/map/ incorrectly (especially with the /content). I had similar issue where I was not able to publish from author to publish instance and it just queues up.