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    Shouldn't a PDF reader on mobile devices by Adobe be the best?

    StevenDayton Community Member

      I would have thought that of all the apps on mobile devices that can read and display PDF documents a PDF Reader by Adobe would be the best one out there. Instead it seems little better than average. It is still the best one I have found but... As I have looked through the list of discussions on this forum it looks like many topics have gone unanswered. And those that have been answered only a few responses are given. What is going on with the development?


      Tagged PDF documents work okay on my Samsung Galaxy tab but I want to be able to do more with PDF documents than just open and read them.

      • Use bookmarks to navigate easily through a document
      • Use hyperlinks to navigate easily through a document
      • When I'm prepareing to teach a lesson I typically add notes in the margins and highlight text in the hard copy of the lesson manual. I would like to do the same in the PDF version of the manual.


      One small advantage of a PDF document over epub is when when I tell someone or someone tells me to go to a certain page in book or manual or lesson book to follow along nothing work better than a PDF.


      I was told recently that folks in another country use an iOS or Android device to view our PDFs more so than desktop units. So where is the development going with Adobe Reader for Android for example? At the rate technology changes these days it doesn't seem like anything is really moving forward.