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    Adobe Connect?


      Has this been tested inside an Adobe Connect session?


      I'd love to be able to use Captivate's quizzing functions in a live session and provide timely feedback to the instructor.



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          Subrahmanya Kumar Giliyaru

          Apologies for the delayed answer.

          We have tried it at our end and it works.





          Adobe Captivate team.

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            Ahhhhh never mind! Connect didn't refresh my content as it said it had.  :-\ It's tracking nicely now! Cool widget!!



            I have published one of my Captivate swfs with the ACCC widget to our Connect server and tested the ACCC functionality, but in my Dashboard, my course only shows as (ver undefined) and is reporting no data. Are there particular settings that must be configured for the file inside of Connect to track properly?

            My other lessons that are routed through our LMS are tracking somewhat properly.

            Thanks in advance,