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    printing artboard only with vbscript




      my script creates an artboard in my pdf file. i need to print this artboard only.


      if i go to file/print manually there is an option 'Bereich' (pls see screenshot, my illustrator is in german language), so only the 2nd page is printed. (exactly what i want)


      up to now i could not find this option (or something similiar) within vbscript.




           appRef.ActiveDocument.Artboards.Add(Array(Rminx,Rmaxy,Rmaxx,Rminy)) ' vars are correctly set before

           Set jobOptionsRef = CreateObject("Illustrator.PrintJobOptions")

           Set printOpts = CreateObject("Illustrator.printOptions")

           printOpts.JobOptions = jobOptionsRef

           jobOptionsRef.Designation = 2 'aiAllLayers


           appRef.ActiveDocument.PrintOut printOpts



      these lines prints 2 pages: 1) main document  2) artboard


      if i set

           jobOptionsRef.Designation = 1

      only the main document is printed - but not the artboard. i need exactly the other way round, only the artboard but no main image.


      pls could somebody help me with this problem?

      thank you very much!

      kind regards