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    sequence settings


      I am making a dvd with pictures (jpegs) along with a few video affects. These are both in 1.0 pixel aspect ratio. I thought I would choose DV NTSC standard 32 for my sequence setting but the raio is .9. It looked like the only choice for 1.0 ratio was for HD, I do not have a HD/BD burner so I have to make a standard one. Should I change the aspect ratio on the pictures and video? Can I do this in a batch? OR is there a way to change the sequence format to 1.0 but not be HD.THis will be played on a dvd player on a HD tv - I do not know the particulars of those things. This will be a gift so I am doing the best I can. Yes I know there are better suited programs for this but I bought this and I like the control it gives me so please do not suggest to try something else. Also when you go to encore to burn it are there any settings you would suggest to go with my sequence choice or does that not matter. It has been a year since I have done any of this and just don't remember!!


      Thank you for your time.