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    Adobe Content Viewer crashes with particular layout


      Hello all,


      I have two layouts I've added to a folio, the first is a smooth-scrolling layout and the second is a snap-to-page layout. It works perfectly until I add the horizontal layouts of the second set.


      What I found most unusual is that everything works fine viewed vertically, but crashes on trying to view the horizontal layouts ( horizontal layouts uploaded by other team members in the same folio work fine somehow ). It works fine horizontally until I add the second set of layouts. The crashes happen only on the iPad, and works fine viewed on Content Viewer from the desktop. It's not just me either, other members are also having crash issues with my layouts..


      The horizontal layout is identical to the vertical layouts, and I'm not getting any sort of error messages, so I can't tell what's causing the folio to crash. What's going on?