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    killer whale submarine or digital movie camera ?

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      Jim's recent post re: canon's new digital motion pic camera prototype ( and probable cost of about $40,000 for the body ) must be offset with the new Killer Whale Submarine ( at $100,000), when I consider my upcoming move to MN lake region.

      I ask myself, " Do I want to shoot movies with this camera and buy optimo lenses and primes etc ( not to mention geared head or steadicam etc ) , or since I'm moving to a lake region with a lot of fishermen ... get the whale ?




      About the only feature not included on the whale submarine is the spout...but there must be some way to get a water canon mounted to the thing....???


      So the question is, with a limited budget etc, what should one do ??  Shoot by getting the latest hardware instead of just renting stuff when you have a job that can pay for it, OR get the whale and terrorize the lake trout, walleyes etc ???





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          At first, I wanted one, and then got to thinking. It would be just my luck, that on the maiden voyage, a boat-load of Eskimos would come by and harpoon me, or perhaps a sperm whale would eat me. Somehow, playing Jonah is not my idea of a fun afternoon, especially as the sperm whale's stomach would be full of giant squid parts - e-e-e-uh!


          Besides, the $100K price sort of puts that device into a special category of "I'd rather spend the $ elsewhere."



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            I watched the video on right side of that web page... and noticed it never really gets much below a few feet of water. If the air intake could be shut off, and switch to battery power, and do deep... like about 50 feet or so...hehe.. that would be FUN....


            also...have a periscope


            also ....have some sort of anti eskimo ( or japanese ) whaler weapons....like shoot some harpoons right back at em...that would be cool.





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              on further review of potential of whale sub, and of course always thinking of " what I could shoot to make a movie " with some digital "cinema" camera, I did a test...


              I tried to contact the driver of the whale sub during a test shot with the $ 400 digital camera I have ( for video ). I used my old Dick Tracy wristwatch phone...which in it's day was quite the cat's meow.


              Now , unfortunately, due to broadband mobile infrastructure getting a little " behind" on the streaming info over the networks... things have slowed up. I get more dropped calls on my wristwatch, more mssgs going to text , and its now critical I watch my " minutes" quota.


              Consequently, if " mumbles " calls me with a tip about some gangland activity happening tonight at the club where " breathless" is performing, I sometimes need to check my minutes, decide if the caller ID is worth picking up, and so on.


              Or I just try to do the text mssg thing direct.. without the voice...or try to twitter or facebook the info ... its getting sorta complicated, compared to the old days.


              dick tracy.jpg


              above image is indicative of what happens when you dont have a CB radio or walkie talkie ...and you're not in a dead spot.  Can you hear me now ??