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    Lightroom 4.1 RC Put to the test...bizarre outcome


      OK, so we put lightroom 4.1RC to an "Un-Tethered" test yesterday, shooting with the new Canon 5D Mark 3, and importing the files using a CF card reader.

      I had upgraded to 4.1 RC the day before, and had upgraded the Camera RAW to 6.7RC as well...just to be able to read the new files from this camera.


      Anyhow, everything worked great, and the files looked sharp (I know there has been some concern about a "softness" issue, but we experienced no softness...even when shooting primarily with a Canon 50mm 1.0 lens!).


      Now here comes the most bizarre part...


      As always, the clients ask "Can you email me that photo I really like?"

      "No problem", I respond, "I can email it directly from this program"...


      Using the "EMAIL" function in Lightroom 4.1RC, I sent the client an email with 2 images from our shoot.

      I added myself to the recipient list as well.


      Getting stranger...


      My client receives the 2 photos on her Andriod phone, and they are fine.

      I receive the same email on my iPhone with 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT PHOTOS FROM A SHOOT LAST SATURDAY!!


      Ok, weird. :-/


      I try again....Sending the email once again to myself (iPhone 4) and my assistant (iPhone 3)

      I again receive the wrong images, and my assistant receives the correct images.


      I head home after the shoot, and try opening up the same email attachments on my iPad2.

      Now...ALL the emails have the photo of today's subject...but it's now the same photo, in every email attachment...not the 2 different photos I attached.


      Que hahaheho?


      Ok...I pull out my MacBook Air and turn on my iMac...start up Gmail....and low and behold...

      The correct images appear in all the emails on these systems.


      But...my iPhone and iPad are still, to this moment, displaying the WRONG images in the emails I sent.

      I've never seen this happen before...and really can't even fathom why this would happen.


      I'll happily give you a dollar if you can figure this one out.


      Matt Beard


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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First of all, 4.1 is a release candidate, not really ready for prime time.  I wouldn't rely on all those e-mail features to work exactly as they should based on what others have been reporting about the behavior of Lightroom 4.1.  To be safe, it would probably have been better to export copies and then NOT use Lightroom to send the e-mail.  I don't rely on Lightroom to do everything anyway.  I want to make sure I have everything right.


          I don't know why you got the results that you did.  It is bizarre.  It should be reported.  But, based on the way Lightroom 4 has been performing, I would recommend being a little more cautious and use more dependable means for the time being.

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            photomatty Level 1

            Yes, agreed.

            Interesting thing is I just tried the same thing on my other iMac system using the 4.0 paid release version (not yet updated to 4.1RC), with files shot using the 5dMk2...and the same thing is happening.

            So either way, I'm having the same issue...

            Obviously there are easy work-arounds...just exporting the files to a separate folder, then emailing them from there works fine.

            But why in the world would the same email attachment look different on an iPhone/iPad vs Laptop/Desktop/Android?

            I think it may be an issue with the iPhone's cache setting (or maybe just Adobe's revenge upon Apple) LOL.



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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I never used LR to e-mail things so am asking out of inexperience:  are the image names the same as ones from the earlier shoot and the iOS devices are getting confused which version to show, or are the names of the JPGs all different so there should be no confusion if filenames are being used to disambiguate?




              Is the situation repeatable across days?  Does the same thing happen from an earlier version of LR?

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                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I'm not going to defend Adobe.  But I have developed database applications now for about 25 years.  I work on my own, no team.  But as I develop an application I have my own workflow as to how the program is going to run.  When that application is then turned over to other users I often ran into a number of problems because some these other users run the program in a completely different way than I had intended or even considered.  Problems just pop up.  And, in my opinion, Lightroom 4 was released very prematurely.

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                  johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                  See this thread:




                  Adobe has acknowledged and reproduced the problem.

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                    photomatty Level 1

                    John R. Ellis,

                    Thank you for that thread post.

                    Looks like it is definitely an issue related to iOS5 on the Apple devices

                    Perhaps combined with the way the files are being compressed or encoded when being sent from certain 3rd party software email clients...like Lightroom, or a Security Camera.

                    I'll ask around at Apple and see what I come up with on my end.


                    Thanks again.

                    Your dollar is in the mail.  :-P