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    My troubles with setting the CQ cloud

    Pacoolsky Community Member

      As posted in another thread I finally managed to setup my first CQ cloud, below you can se my notes


      #1 Insufficient level of details in the activity log


      For example, I guess I had problems with proper configuration of Amazon EC2 provider.


      Basically I was pretty sure my intial Amazon configuration (keys) was correct, but I couldn't start the cloud despite the fact that coresponding Amazon EC2 instances were created.

      The only thing I could see in the activity log was that CQ cloud setup has been started and failed (no information about possible causes)

      I got stuck for a week, then later somewhat by accident I had to recreate my keys and config an I went one step further.


      Currently I suspect that access and secret keys were correct (EC2 instances could be created) an there was something wrong with my key pair and some init script could not be started.


      #2 Unknown set-up time and poor visibilty of progress


      Nowhere is it stated, how long it takes to setup the cloud, is it instant ? should I wait 5, 15, 60 minutes ?


      After fixing configuration issue (#1) I tried another couple of times to start the cloud, but I couldn't see progress.

      I think It is possible that I was impatient and stopped the cloud before the setup has been completed.


      Then I decided that I will wait longer and I started to see some progress after 30-35 minutes (dispatcher green + author green after additional 10 minutes).

      I realized that I should wait at least 40-45 minutes after triggering cloud setup before taking any action.

      Is it expected ?? Btw, last time I created the cloud everything went smoothly and it took 15-20 minutes in total to have status green on the entire cloud.


      Additionally, couple of times I managed to get dispatcher + author working (green) while publish setup was still in progress (blue) and never completed.

      It happened also that author and publish instances were up and running (I could access them by IP adress) but the state wasn't reflected in CQ cloud manager (blue icon = in progress).


      #3 Replication and flush agents not configured


      See here for more details


      That's it for now, i'm going to add more findings ...

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          pierretager Adobe Employee



          Thank you so much for this detailed feedback, this is extremely valuable indeed!


          We are addressing #1 in several ways in the coming releases:

          1) adding a validation check on the AWS credentials before attempting to start a CQ cloud

          2) improving the reporting in the activity log

          3) fixing a few bugs we have identified in the start up process


          On #2, it does take on average 10-20min to start up a new CQ cloud. As you've experienced, it could take longer depending on resource availability from Amazon AWS. We've also added more information on this in the FAQ "How to create your first CQ cloud".


          On #3, we are still troubleshooting this issue and will get back to you shortly with a resolution.


          Thank you again for your feedback and patience.