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    help please

    thunderxlight11111 Level 1

      hi guys..

      can you help me to find a good book learn me how to make some stuff in flash like Calculation and making account and some bank stuff because iam trying to make one program so i can sell it , i already know how to make some simple games but nothing in Calculation

      thank you

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          dmeN Level 5

          Essential ActionScript 3 by Colin Moock is very good. These forums are also good, and there's lots of online tutorials and such, so between a book if you go that route, and Google you should be able to get up to speed fairly fast. When you have specific questions, this forum is the place to go.

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            thunderxlight11111 Level 1

            ohh thank you alot brother, but i just want toask you if you dont mind , what about database because i didn.t see any sql or my sql in that book because i need to use it( i guess) like for customers names and their stuff,


            thank you and sorry for late answer