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    License not persisting in a shared PC environment


      Customers in a shared PC environment (a university lab) report that after acquiring a license, the license isn't preserved from one video to the next (the videos share the same license).   When a user selects a video from the browser, our web app launches a new browser window with the embedded flash player client. The license is successfully retrieved and the video plays. But If the user closes the player window (while still having the original browser window open in the background), the license is lost. That is, if the user plays the exact some video, a license is required again (the license definition is to expire after 30 days, so it should be valid, and is for users in typical environments). If, however, the user selects the "next video" function within the player, the next video plays fine and does not require a fresh license. This indicates that closing the player window is what causes the license to be lost (either the browser window closing or the flash player client closing, not sure).  I do know that in the lab, users have their account profiles mapped to a network location, not the local hard drive. This made me think that the user simply doesn't have write access to the place where the flash player is attempting to cache the license file - very much like when a user is in a Private Browsing session.  But in my tests, private browsing DOES preserve the license even when the player window is closed as long as the original browser window is kept open in the background. The license is only lost when all open private browser windows are closed.  So my question is, assuming the user does not have write access to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Flash Player\NativeCache, why doesn't the flash access license persist when the player window is closed, just like it does in the Private Browsing scenario?  I hope I've provided enough detail. Any insights are appreciated.

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          Stephen D. [Adobe] Adobe Employee

          Hi Pedro,


          It sure seems like the license isn't being cached on disk (i.e. attached to the player instance & persisting on the client).  


          The symptom of the license "going away" and needing to be re-acquired - when the video player window (not the entire browser) exits -  seems to support this.

          We just have to figure out if it's content-related or client-related.



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            Stephen D. [Adobe] Adobe Employee



            It looks like the license.caching=0 setting might be how the content is created.     0 means "don't write .LIC (license file) to disk" - which means it needs to re-acquire after you close the video player instance.


            This setting value (0) specifically won't persist the license on the clients' disk.


            The symptoms sound correct for this to occur.


            Locally, you can check the /APSPrivateData2/... directory structure.   If you are playing the video (after license acquisition) and no .LIC file appears underneath here, then the license is not being "cached' to disk and our educated guess is correct.


            Ask the content provider if they are doing this and what they can do to better support your "public PC" type of infrastructure to persist licenses.



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              Hiroshi@Adobe Adobe Employee

              Just a complement.


              policy.licenseCaching.duration=0 means disabling license caching on the disk. If content published with the setting, license will be cached in the memory.

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                pedro_sd Level 1

                Thanks Stephen and Hiroshi. I still don't understand though - this same piece of content when used on just about any other system does persist on disk. So if the "don't write to disk" parameter is part of the license definition, why does it only affect those using public computers (without access to the local disk)?

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                  Katherine N.

                  The behavior you are describing for the lab users sounds like a Private Browsing session. The question then is, why is the license flushed from memory at a different time in your tests with Private Browsing. There are a couple factors which might account for this difference:


                  • Are you and the lab users using the same browser and OS? Can you share the details?
                  • In Private Browsing mode, the licenses will not be written to disk and will only remain in memory while the Flash Player process is running. The Flash Player process will terminate when there is no Flash content playing in any browser window.  Is it possible in your tests that there was another browser window aside from your player which was showing Flash content?