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    Moving from PSE 7 to PSE 10


      I was wondering if anyone had some advice on an issue I am having converting my large catalog in PSE 7 to PSE 10.


      Overview: I have over 12,000 media items, almost all of which are photos, in my catalog currently that display in PSE 7.  This catalog also has multiple albums.  A large number of the photos have been tweaked to crop, remove red eye, label, etc.  As such it goes without saying that a lot of work has gone into this in PSE 7.  I am now trying to convert this catalog from PSE 7 to PSE 10 as the newest software was purchased.


      Symptoms:  First, after "sucessful" conversion of the catalog, PSE 10 displays the most recent photo as December 2010 even though PSE 7 has my photos up until March 2012.

      Second, the number of items in the converted as in the neighborhood of 7,000 media items, compared to the 12,000+ in PSE 7 is a huge loss of photos.




      I have been in contact with Adobe support a few times, during which they have given me some tips, though nothing has worked.


      Attempted Remedys: I have tried reconnecting missing files in PSE 7 prior to catalog conversion, and in PSE 10 after catalog conversion.

                                      I have tried to repair and optimize the catalog in PSE 7  prior to catalog conversion, and in PSE 10 after conversion.

                                      I have tried to backup/restore the catalog from PSE 7 to PSE10.

                                      I have tried killing iTunes prior to converting catalog.

                                      I have tried killing all instances of PSE/ any adobe product before opening PSE 7 and converting.


      I know I have tried to do a couple more things that I cannot remember off the top of my head.  But nothing has worked.  My files are all there but I do not want to lose the work I've put into editing and sorting the photos.


      I am hoping that someone has had an issue with one/both of my symptoms that has found a solution other than starting from scratch.  I welcome all ideas, and thanks in advance.

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          andaleebfatima1 Adobe Employee

          Did you check that the 5k files which you don't see in PSE10 catalog are dated later than December 2010? Do all these files belong to the same folder? Are these folders hidden at system level by any chance?


          Click Find >> Clear date range if this option is enabled by any chance so that the media in view has been restricted.

          Also ensure that in View >> Hidden Files >> Show all files option is checked.