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    Grouping photos into stacks

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/lightroom/using/WS520C7E3C-E707-4072-BB8A-F7448BDB406D.html

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          Peshtigo Pete

          I have created 10 separate stacks with different numbers of images in each stack for a total of 80 images. I have designated each separate stack's images with Keywords GR1 - .........GR10. I would now like to be able to sort the stacks by the GR keyword, ie. GR1, GR2, etc. Or better yet, is there a way to just move the whole stack at one time into the desired sort order

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            RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

            Sorting needs to occur before stacking. Stacked images do not sort as far as I know.


            You can drag images around inside a stack to resort them manually.


            You could come up with a double keyword scheme (one for stack designation and one for sort order) and then sort them using a Library Filter.  Then you would stack them after the sort.  It would be faster in most cases to sort them by hand.

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              Peshtigo Pete Level 1

              Thanks Rick> while waiting for any responses I started working on the collection/export technique from my stacks. What I am looking to do is to get all of my images in the stacks exported to my Photodex ProShow5 Program in the sequence IL want for my final slide show. Or, at reasonably close as I can still move my images in ProShow. While somewhat time consuming I am happy to report I was able to accomplish that task.


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                I can't get a video with a stacked still capture image to expand.


                I am following the "Classroom in a Book" for Lightroom 4.  In location 4033 (Kindle) of chapter 6 where it teaches creating Develop Preset on the TamiTemple video, I  can't unstack the still I captured.  It says "2" in the stack, and goes to "1 of 2" when I expand the stack, but never shows the still. I can't figure out how to access it.  Expand stack is working fine on photos... just not on video. I've tried all the stacking menu items and I can't figure it out on this video.   Thanks if anyone can offer some insight.

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                  Rikk-Flohr Level 4

                  Check the filters and make sure you aren't filtering for Video images only


                  Also, are you in a collection? If so trying going to the folder where the video is located and sorting by file name.  Does it appear?

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                    I am having the same issues with lightroom 4, which never happened in lightroom 3 as kellykrazychic above.  I try to capture a frame and it shows it is in the stack, but I can not view the jpeg that I captured anyway, anywhere.  I have checked rikkflohr.com suggestion, but that is not the problem.  This issue has been going on for months now and I could sure use some help on this.

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                      LaRaeRoberts Level 1

                      Did you ever find a solution to your problem with the video capture frame not being able to be viewed?  I am having the same problem.