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    When Will Liquid Layouts Be Ready?

    Daryl Barnes Community Member

      Has there been any indication from BC as to when Liquid Layouts is going to be ready to use on real sites?  I've played around with it about a month or so ago but too much hadn't been completed yet on the Ecommerce side to be able to use it on customer sites.  We watched the Platform Vision video by Alexandru and I don't remember him mentioning anything about Liquid Layouts specifically.

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          Liam Dilley MVP

          Hey Daryl.

          Just like a number of things, do not expect to see it any time soon :(

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            mario_gudelj MVP

            Hi Daryl,


            We don't have the exact date for you yet. I'm sure this info will be posted on the BC blog once they're out, so please montior that space.





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              Daryl Barnes Community Member

              Thanks Mario.  We don't need a specific date, week, or even month.   Just a general time frame.  I am in the early stages of planning a project that would start in about 2 months.  There are certain things we would like to do that need the Liquid features to be able to be done but without having any idea at all on the timeframe, it is extremely difficult to plan.  I have the flexibility to push the project back a couple of months or maybe begin certain parts of the project and then switch to the part that would involve the Ecommerce functionality and Liquid later.  But I need to know the full scope and the possibilites ahead of time to plan like that.


              Is it slated for a couple months from now?  End of year?  First quarter of 2013?  Second half of 2013?   I really have no clue at all and would like some insight.

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                Liam Dilley MVP

                They wont give any dates Daryl because they do not know themselves just yet.


                It defiantly wont be 3-5 months time, thats a given. Not with Creative Cloud and other stuff.

                End of the year? - Maybe, but again do not rely on that.

                First quater of 2013 - Probably, but again do not rely on that.


                Your official response wont be any more then that too.


                And while I am sure it will come out, always note that us long timers with BC have seen and been shown things, even said they were coming in the next realease (new eCommerce revamp for example that was going to happen once) got pulled and never happened.


                BC is pretty much - when its out.

                You will see "Whats coming next" Blog posts for the next release and a number of those elements have been delayed by 1-3 releases or not at all (Some of the SEO updates for example as a recent example of nothing still).


                So run on - Only when it actually is out.

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                  Daryl Barnes Community Member

                  Thanks Liam.  That's disappointing to hear but the BC team needs to realize that they are working with business owners and we would rather get a firm date that is further off but real rather than continued delays and broken promises or worse... no date given at all to resolve long standing issues and important improvements needed.


                  It's disappointing because at MAX, liquid markup was in our opinion the most promising new feature revealed.  It can potentially solve a lot of problems with being able to solve client requirements without a bunch of hacky workarounds and save gobs of time.   From the outside it looked like they were close to finishing it.  I guess we'll just have to wait.

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                    Dreams Creative

                    Liquid markup is the only good thing BC has bought out for a while... It's a pitty it's been place on the back burner. We thought Adobe buying off BC would have increase the numbers of Developers & Staff, so features will come out faster. Yet it doesn't seem to be the case. Please bring out the WebApp Liquid Markup ASAP!!!