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    How do you disable the IE8 ActiveX warning when previewing HTML files created in Dreamweaver?

    Garrett54321 Level 1



      I'm trying to find a workaround to disable an annoying warning message in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). 


      Explorer generates a security warning if you open a local file (i.e. one stored on your local hard drive and not the server) that contains scirpts or ActiveX controls (including JavaScript).  Button actions such as opening a PDF work but the rollovers will not.  Everything works fine if the user clicks on the warning banner, clicks "allow content", and then clicks "Yes".  Since this file and content may be distributed to many people to run on their local systems, it would be better if they didn't have to perform these three clicks or modify their browser security settiings.


      Previous versions of Dreamweaver supported a command called "Insert Mark of the Web" which inserted the following line of code: 

          <!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet -->) 


      Adobe removed this command, so the line of code must now be inserted manually.  I've tried inserting it in various lines of the HTML code, but doing so results in the same problem: the rollovers work, but the button actions do not.


      Does anyone know of another work around?