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    Menu problem in Internet Explorer


      I am having a problem with a Spry menu in Internet Explorer 9 and 8. Using Dreamweaver CS5.5 I have set up a horizontal menu bar and in all the browsers that I have tested it on it works fine on both a Mac and a PC, until I try Internet Explorer. When the file is stored locally and I view it (with Parallels Desktop) in IE instead of seeing the menu I see a large light green box that covers not only the menu area but the surrounding area too. I thought the problem might be with Parallels Desktop so I put the site online and now the green box is gone, but instead of the menu being displayed across the page it is in the centre of the page and vertical.  Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?


      The pages can be seen here: <http://www.colinbowling.com/ss/index.html>