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    Upgrading from 4 to 5.5 Text Box Resizing


      I am having an issue when I open a file I created in Captivate 4 and save it as a Captivate 5.5 file.  All the text boxes are resizing and I have to manually fix each and every one.  Is there a global setting that I can make so that this does not happen?  I have over 3000 files so this is a BIG issue for us. 



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          Sooo, a question arises here from not using proper terminology to refer to things accurately.


          When you say "Text Box", which object are you really referring to? (Sorry, but my crystal ball is on the fritz and my psychic skills are sub-par)


          Is it a:


          * Text Caption

          * Text Entry Box

          * Drawing Object (such as a rectangle or polygon) with associated Text inside it


          One thing to note is that when Captivate was re-written into version 5, they changed the way text is referred to. It changed from a pixel based measurement to a point based measurement. So you don't see an apples to apples comparison and certain things have to be readjusted.


          Cheers... Rick


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            I am referring to the text captions.  Our company changed names and we have to update the title pages of over 3000 captivate files.  Should be a simple 2 minute update to open the file, change the logo, republish.  But with the text captions resizing on 50 plus slides per file, the simple update is becoming a nighmare.  Any suggestions or settings that would help?