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    Why did my finished rendered project move to the right?




      I am not a professional by any means.  But i like to try and make movies and also make them for friends.


      I have recently completed a movie consisting of video, and photographic stills.  It took me a long time to complete and i advised my friends that i had finished it.


      When i view the completed project in the Prem pro Project window all seems fine.  And when i see it in the media encoder source and it all looks ok.


      But there were problems when i completed and exported it to Adobe Media Encoder and rendered.  I viiewed it afterwards to see that the whole movie including video and stills, had moved to the right slightly making it look like the photos and video were not center of screen.  This means that i have now a black space to the left of every action.


      I rendered in Premiere Pro CS3.   My Export settings: 


      Windows Media

      My frame width and height were the same as the source.  780 x 480


      I dont understand what the bitrate mode does and so i left it on Variable Constrained.



      My Audio was fine and it came out as stereo as i preffered.


      Can someone advise what ive done wrong?  Why do i get that border to the left of the project all way through the project.  Its never happened before to me and i cant seem to get rid of it.


      Its affected the whole project and i cant seem to correct it as i dont know what caused it.


      I hope someone can help me.