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    .app getting corrupt when included in installer


      Im stuck on a peculiar problem and wonder if anyone out there got any idea of what is going on.


      I have built a content management system in Adobe AIR for a client.

      The software generates a folder containing all the data and assets added by the user as well as some other files specified by me.

      One of these files is a .app file and is added to included files in the .air installer.



      - When the software generates the folder including the user specified files and the ones specified by me (including the .app file) the .app file doesn't work any more.

      - the file size of the .app file changes from 10MB to 12MB when included in the .air installer package.


      If I just drop the original 10MB version of the file manually into the folder generated by the software, it all runs fine. Something seems to get modified when its added to the installer package.


      Does anyone have any experience with this, it would be very much appreciated if someone could give me a clue.


      If you are in London I will buy you a beer if you can help me solve thisone.


      Thank you in advance


      Best regards


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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          What software are you using to create a native installer?  Can you check to see if the file permissions inside the .app have changed after installing the native installer?  Can you do a binary compare on the two folders (the 12 vs 10mb) to see what's different?

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            PhilipClevberger Level 1

            Thank you for the advice, I have looked into it and found out the following.


            1. If I right click on the .app file (which is created using flash) and choose to show package content they are booth the same size, about 11.98 MB, but if I right click on the .app file without opening the package content one is 10.01 something and the other is 11.98.


            2. Both have identical read / write permissions


            3. I use Adobe Flash CS5.5 to create the installer

            I use the include files box in the Adobe AIR settings to choose the files to go in the installer. I also add a .swf and a .xml file which are all working fine.


            Thanks for investigating

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              chris.campbell Adobe Employee

              Would it be possible to send me your native installer along with a zip copy of the .app file so I can take a look?  I'm not sure why you see a size change when navigating into the package, must be something going on at the OS level there.


              Additionally, have you tried running under ADL to see if you're app is throwing an exception?