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    Can't markup some documents

    NZKiwiBro Community Member

      I have been trying out the new version of the Adobe ios reader on my iPad 2 (all updates applied).

      Unfortunately the first document that I tested, could not be marked up with the highlighter, the strikethrough or underscore.

      I managed to locate other documents that were okay.

      There does appear to be a difference, in that the pdf in question was re-pdf'd from another PDF to make the size tolerable (8 MB instead of the original ~180 Mb).

      As a test, I created a PDF of just one page (from the original doc), then re-PDF'd that page.  This gave the same results for the re-PDF'd one, but the initially created page was able to be marked up okay.

      Now, I must concede that I use PrimoPDF, but have not found any other issue with such PDF's. Std Adobe reader on Vista, is able to select text in either PDF.

      I can supply PDF samples to Adobe support - 3Mb & 150k if requested.