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    Emanuele ReNome

      When i test my app in adobe content viewer on my iPad, i receive the message "Impossibile contattare l'URL richiesto su questo server" (-1100) when i tap

      on button who have an html  connection in HTMLResource. I load HTMLresource.zip on folio producer but i don't see it.


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          bennene02 Level 1

          I would first double-check the filename you have in the link to the actual filename. I prefer to copy/paste no matter what it is just to be safe.


          Another issue that I've seen others have is when creating the HTMLResources ZIP file is not to compress a folder, but actually create a ZIP of just the individual files. Otherwise the software might be creating a situation where the file path is "HTMLResources/foldername/filename.pdf" instead of "HTMLResources/filename.pdf".


          Hope that helps.

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            Emanuele ReNome Level 1

            Thanks Mark but I haven't resolved the problem. I want insert an image gallery that it cames when you tap an image. The gallery must appear in all space of iPad screen.

            The method that i use is a html gallery created with an widjet gallery. Are few days that i try but not work.

            Thanks for help.

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              I was having the same issue.. I finally have it working. Not sure if this is the case but it worked for me. I made sure there were no spaces or dashed in the files name and bingo! It worked.