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    Repeatable Wiggly Selector text animation


      I need to animate two different text layers (with the same text) using the Wiggly Selector animator.

      I created the first layer, animated its position and scale based on characters (within the wiggly selector), so that each individual character is wiggling. Text has a black fill and a 6 pixel white stroke behind fill, so that it is readable over dark parts of the background.


      After that I duplicated the layer in order to have the same animation, except for the stroke that now is black and 1 or 2 pixel wide (over the fill). The idea is to have the black fill of the characters flickering (in width).


      Problem is that the randomness of the wiggly selector doesn't allow to repeat the position and scale animation. Characters on the second layer are shifted and scaled differently from the first layer.


      According to AE user guide, wiggly selector is based on a random seed and based on this link: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/aftereffects/cs/using/WS4C7FB07D-4886-4065-BF07-478CD17ADF60a. html two different instances of the same effect with exactly the same parameter values (including random seed) should allow a deterministic result (which is what I am looking for).


      Isn't there a way to have two (or more) text layers) wiggling in sync?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          The help comment only refers to the much deeper randomness engine as it may be used in effects. Otherwise randomness is always re-seeded per layer for properties that natively access these functions. It's a compromise in how this has to be as simple enough for average Joe who would expect this or else effectively nothing would be different and you'd have to provide extra controls. AE takes the reverse approach. You would have to pin it with the seedRandom() function in an expression selector and then write your code around it, e.g. a normal wiggle or noise function. I'm wondering, though, whether you could not do everything in one layer? You could create the fat stroke as a layer style, you know and use the text stroke for your flickering secondary stuff...



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            Norbertofh Level 1

            Thank you very much for the insight!