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    Lightroom 4.1 RC and Canon 5d Mark III Cropping Info/ratio bug


      Today I imported RAW images I shot on the Canon 5d3 with the camera set to Add Cropping Information set to 4:5 ratio.  Crop lines are displayed on the camera LCD but you see the full frame outside of the crop when review files.  Alarmingly, when I imported them to LR 4.1 RC, the images appeared cropped to 4:5.  I though ok, I'll just go to the crop tool and I will see that a crop has been applied and I'll remove it. Unfortunately, there was no file beyond the crop lines, it could not be removed as far as I could tell.  I called Canon and they told me to try Digital Photo Professional, a program that I never pay attention to.  Sure enough, the images were intact when viewed there.  There appears to be a bug when LR 4.1 RC encounters the crop tag on the raw file.  I have posted this on the Adobe Forums. I am running OS X 10.6.8 on a Mac Pro.

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