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    Scrollable text issues


      Hi everyone,


      I'm about to convert a book to be used on an iPad. The book consists of several chapters/articles that range from 4 to 30+ pages.

      On some of the pages I work with scrollable text.


      My workflow is the same as described here: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/digitalpubsuite/using/WS67cb9e293e2f1f605e 8ea44412b13edc5ec-8000.html


      Most of the times it works as promised, but sometimes it doesn't! I have try to find out why it sometimes doesn't work. It seems random and it's driving me crazy.

      • I have experimented with creation order, i.e. container frame first, then text frame, etc.
      • I have done tests with renaming the container frame and text frame in the layers pannel
      • I have made sure that both frames are correctly aligned, etc.
      • I have reset and re-applied the Pan Only option in the Overlay Creator panel
      • I have made sure that the workflow and settings are the same on all pages


      but still it sometimes simply doesn't work!


      I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this. Any ideas?


      Kind regards


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          Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

          Which version of tools are you using? If you're using the v19 set of tools, you want to use the Scrollable Frames overlay. If you're using v18 or earlier, you want to use Pan & Zoom > Pan Only. There are no known issues with scrollable frames in v19 -- it should work as described.

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            tici70 Level 1

            Hi Bob,


            I have just updated to v19 and will test again. Thanks for your reply!




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              tici70 Level 1

              Hi Bob,


              I have tested again.

              In a short article (4 pages) everything works just fine in horizontal and vertical layout.

              However in a long article (41 pages) the vertical scrolling of text in the horizontal layout simply doesn't work except a one exception. I have checked all the settings - they are identical.

              The strange thing is that if I preview the horizontal layout in the ADOBE Content Viewer all the scrolling works just fine, but as soon as I add the complete article consisting of horizontal and vertical layout to the folio things stop to work.

              This is really frustrating. Maybe it's necessary to re-think the layout and avoid scrollable content since it so unreliable.

              Right now I have no idea how get this to work.


              The tools I use are: InDesign CS5.5 on OSX 10.6.8, FolioPanel-CS55-12_1_3, FolioProducerTools-CS55-1-9-1


              Any help would be apprechiated.


              Kind regards