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    Drag and Drop

    phil ashby Level 1
      Hi all,

      I'm building an app where the user effectively can construct a "Slide" with textboxes and images. With the images the user clicks and drags over the screen and is then asked for the file they want to show. This is uploaded onto the server and moved into the correct place at which point I create the image on the stage at the chosen location and scale it to best fit the dragged area...code below.

      What I also want is to enable the user to drag and drop the image if they want to move it around.
      This is where Im stuck

      How can I attach the startDrag code to this movie, or do I need to setup a listener? I've sorta cobbled this together so far and can't seem to take it that final step. Any help - such as the code - would be realllllllly appreciated!

      Thank in advance!