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    Embedding .doc in a .pdf

    joyce dougherty

      I have Word 2007 and Adobe Reader 9. In my Word doc, I have an embedded .doc.  When I pdf it, the link no longer works.

      Any ideas? thanks

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          pwillener Level 8

          How do you "pdf" it?  Not with Adobe Reader; whatever program you use, ask in the forum for that software.


          Also, if a doc is embedded, there is no "link" - just an embedded document.  How does it "not work"?

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            joyce dougherty Level 1

            you're right...it's not a link, it's an icon, and by "not working" I mean when I click on it in the pdf, it doesn't go to the document - just nothing happens. 


            To create the PDF, I was in Word, and did "file>save as> pdf" ...perhaps this is Adobe Pro?? Sorry I don't know all the techie words...I'm new at this.


            But apparently I'm on the wrong forum - I think I need to discuss this on the Adobe Acrobat Pro forum.

            thanks anyway.