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      I have a template that I have made a change to. I have "put" the updated template on the site.

      How do I make that change appear on all pages that use that template?

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          bregent Most Valuable Participant

          You do not need to PUT the template to the site. When you make a change to a template, DW should prompt you to propogate the changes to the child pages. After you accept that prompt, you need to then PUT the child pages to the server.

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            Lon Winters Level 4

            When you save the Template, it should automatically prompt you to update all local files. Then you have to upload all changed files. If for some reason the local files didn't get updated when you saved the template, go to Modify - Templates - update pages

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              Overtim3 Level 1

              It does ask me to propogate the changes to all child pages. Isn't there an easy way to PUT all child pages that have that template on the site? Rather then PUT them one by one?