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    Questions about Student Edition

    Tom-O. H.


      i'm asking cause a lot of threads i found are very old -> outdated.

      1. Are there any upgrades from Student Edition to Normal Commercial Edition?

      2. Can I buy later upgrades e.g. i buy now master collection cs 5.5 and get cs6 but cs7 is out, what will happen? (cause i see there are just fullversions and no upgrades)

      3. On how many Computers i can install it? Or can i install it on various computers and just can use the same program on one computer? for example use photoshop with one and after effects with other one?

      4. I heard that the Student Edition is EXACTLY the same like the normal. Does this mean that i can use it for commercial use? (Already read something about it and that is possible but they talked about older versions and newer and i can't understand the right answer)

      5. My Father has a good Camera and often take photos. So can he use my Photoshop to edit his photos and is allowed to use these works for commercial use or just when i edit it?

      6. When i finish school can i still upgrade my editions if there are any upgrades?

      7. I live in Germany and saw that e.g. on Amazon.com german is not avaible at the moment just english and other european languages. Is it possible to change the language before or after installation?


      Hope you can help me.

      Thank you



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          1. Student versions carry full upgrade rights.

          2 You can't upgrade a student version to another student version. It's alreadty highly discounted. If you're still a student, you buy a new student version. If not, you buy the commercial upgrade.

          3. You get 2 activations

          4. Yes.

          5. Yes.

          6. Yes

          7. Not as far as I know.



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            Tom-O. H. Level 1

            thank for so fast support

            2. so i can buy a normal commercial upgrade with fullversion student edition

            3. after 2 installations it's not possible to reinstall it? cause i renew my computer at least every year.

            5. can you be more detail because i have two questions there or you mean yes to both?

            7. language is no problem





            8. when i install a product and activate it there is a function to deactivate it. does this mean it's possible to install it unlimited again?

            9. when i buy any upgrade does it extend/refresh the activation limit?

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              You can deactivate the software on any machine and then activate another. The upgrade is standalone and doesn't have anything to do with the prior version.


              If you want to let you your dad use your computer, I don't anyone is going to mind all that much.