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    Clearing the Brush in ACR

    Hudechrome Community Member

      One of the things I don't like is that when invoking the brush, there is no way short of going over all the settings returning them to -0- by hand. I at first thought the clear button did that but it only clears the image. Am I missing something? If not Please add a Clear All Settings button.

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          You can create Adjustment Brush presets. So you can create one that is "zero-ed out". To create a preset, go to the Adjustment Brush flyout menu (just to the right of the Adjustment Brush title, at the top of the settings). Choose "New Local Correction Setting..." and type in a name for the setting. Your current setting will be made into a preset that can be selected from this same menu.

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            Hudechrome Community Member



            Reset to -0-  defaultis much easier than messing with presets, finding them etc. I had to do that also with the curves in ACR. Resetting to Default is a common, no brainer solution I see consistently so it must not be a difficult software step.


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              Brett N Adobe Employee

              If we were to add a reset to default command to the tool, it would be in the exact same place as the preset would be, in the flyout menu. So if you create the preset, you are actually creating the function you are looking for. You could even name the preset "Reset to Default" and it would look no different than if we had added it ourselves.

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                Trevor.Dennis MVP

                Brett, that was useful to me as well, so thankyou.


                I originally parsed the thread title as 'Cleaning Brushes' and had visions of white spirit, turps, and mucky water.   I shall be having nightmares about that now.

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                  Hudechrome Community Member

                  Wow! I just checked Graduated filter and things get worse. Whatever one sets in Brushes carries over to Graduated Filter as well.


                  Try this: Set the controls in Brushes to some set of values, then switch to Graduated Filter. The values carry over. So what happens if you switch from Brushes to Graduated Filter and reset those to default? Does the settings in Brushes go to zero and cancel out what you have just done there? No, the changes made in the image remain, but what your numbers were does not. They are set to Default.So now you want to go back and tweak the brushes and you get to start over again using the Clear all button. In the mean time, you also messed up the Graduated Filter settings.


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                  Guys! Please! Separate the two completely. Give a Default for each as a button and be done with it.

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                    Brett N Adobe Employee

                    Good point. The settings between the Adjustment Brush and the Graduated Filter are the same and connected. That may be a good idea to have them more separated, to have separate presets and settings.