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    I have tried everything, and still get Error 100... Please help!


      Hello, I have trouble with downloading anything by adobe.com.  I have done mainly everything.  Well, my problem is, whenever I download a trial, I can finish and open Adobe Download Manager, but when I attempt to sign in to my account in Adobe Download Manager, it says:  "Error communicating with adobe.com (Error 100) Check your network connection, and restart Adobe Download Manager."  This happens with everything I download made by Adobe, as well as I am having problems with Google Chrome.  Well, anyways, I have tried-seriously - EVERYTHING.  I mean seriously...  I


      uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Download Manager

      cleared cache

      cleared cookie

      cleared browsing data

      ran ccleaner

      disabled firewall

      used another browser

      cleared my cache [manually]

      accessed AppData\Roaming\.com...

      restarted computer

      ran as administrator


      I probally did what you are about to type...  Anyways, If I could get some help, I would seriously be VERY happy.  I want Google Chrome and Adobe.



      - Lucky