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    Getting questionable responses from BC support


      This is more of a general comment on my experiences recently with BC support staff. With no clear area to actually give feedback and know it is being listen too I thought to post it here. Has anyone else noticed in the last 6 months how poor the level of knowledge the newer BC support staff have of the system? I honestly think it is at an all time low. There are some individuals that really know thier stuff and I am sure you all have encountered them as well, but I am feeling the percentage really has swung to the less capable staff now responding to issues.


      Without needing to go into detail about the issues I have had (even in the last 20min) I honestly think many of these people have never used BC before in any depth and it is real shame when we have to be telling them how the system works just so to get past the initial request/question. I am finding it is either not comprehending the request/question due to poor system knowledge and or responding without clearly reading the request/question given in the first place. I really do try all I can to review the knowledge base and search the forums first which just adds to my personal frustration at the degradation that I see is occurring. I just am begining to not trust in the use of the BC support at the moment and turn more often to making calls to fellow partners fist before going down this support path.


      Maybe it is just me but if anyone else is noticing the same thing then I would urge you to let BC know somehow.


      I like BC and I have invested a lot of time and money into integrating the system as an integral part of my business package over the years. It just seems Adobe dropped the ball pretty bad when it took over BC and is still floundering around with it.

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          vladyroman Adobe Employee

          Indeed the support team was doubled in the last 2 months, and the new support engineers received a high intensity training and currently are on a very steep learning path. We made this decision with the future in mind, as we aim to provide excellent support and excellent response times, and until the new engineers reach a certain level of experience we will have to suffer a little.

          Rest assured that we do our utmost to reach a good level of support in the shortest time possible, and please bear with us for just a little more time. Customer support excellence is on its way.


          Thank you for your feedback.


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            Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hey guys,
            They have been heavily hiring and training new support staff ready for the influx from things like the Creative Cloud and the Push Adobe is going to make on BC.

            These new people are new staff, so they need to gain the experience and get into the role. It is annoying as hell but it is something we have to put up with for a bit. Similar happened about a year ago but then improved, Imagine how you are in a new job and learning and getting into it etc after training. It is all about the experience.

            The key issue is as an experienced/advanced user of the system you do not want to fight you way through first level support before getting someone you can help with. BC have discussed on their blog/Town Hall Meeting etc about improving the access levels of support so when you need that advanced help you can get the right man or women for the job on the BC support staff.

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              Mark Barrett1

              Hi Vanillacream,


              Would agree here... we have noticed it more so in the past month. I'm getting asked to submit a ticket on most questions I ask when before support used to fix or provide an answer on the spot. I would love to see the process change so that  junior/new support staff could be able to pass us onto more experienced support team members in the same chat rather than just ask us to raise a ticket. I don't know if the livechat software has that capability.



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                mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

                Hi Mark,


                The current chat solution does have that capability, but the original team doesn't have a bandwidth to get to all the chats at moment. There are two of us in AU timezone and one in US. I'm sure that this will change soon one the new team is up to speed. They are dedicated bunch of individuals, so please bear with us. The new chat solution which we are going to start using soon can create cases from the chat transcripts, so it will make you life easier. You won't have to come on chat and then go and submit a case if the guys on chat can't help.


                Also, we want to make this new forum the best place to get answers so feel free to post your questions here.





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                  Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Appreciate all the work you guys are doing with all this new stuff (Such as the forums) to get improvements rolled out Mario.
                  Looking forward to the new stuff coming.

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                    Mark Barrett1 Level 1

                    Hi Mario


                    I understand. We've just been getting really good support from you and Matt which has been awesome but I haven't got through to you guys recently.



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                      Brent - BCGurus.com

                      I'm right there with you. Mario, can you shed some light on how the new supporties are being trained? Like are they actually going in and building sites in an incubator or are they just gophering information?

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                        BC is the only option for me, it's really awesome and getting better as a platform, but lately I too feel like I end up teaching the live and email support more about the bc system than they teach me.  I think the forum is the best way to get input from actual bc users who use it in the real world.


                        I realize BC can't support or offer solutions that fall outisde BC platform, and they seem t ohave cleaned out the knowledge base of these types of responses, with the last forum switch, and now even more with a new forum, we have to start fresh again, but hopefully we can gather a nice collection of new third party tweaks and ideas in here to help in manipulating bc's platform to play nice with emrging designs and tech. I haven't checked, is there a forum for that? that would be cool, evenhavea disclaimer that they exclude bc support haha,

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                          mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

                          All the new guys gave gone through the standard training procedure everyone else did, by wantching all the video material, building the sites etc. Now we are monitoring their chats and cases and helping them out through skype and other channels. As you know, BC is not easy to learn and having 2 interfaces makes it even harder. But they'll get there.


                          @Rich - all that JavaScript stuff that we don't support has been moved to this forum into Documents. So, if you go to any sub-forum here you'll find a bunch of useful stuff there.





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                            RichKeller.com Level 1

                            Cool, I'll check it out, thanks!

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                              Matt_Wooler Level 1

                              Forums can be great if they are serviced well enough by people with the time and knowledge to search and respond. I have tried where I can to help others if I feel I can contribute reasonably well. Reality is a forum should never be pushed as a primary solution for support and that is exactly what Adobe / BC have been touting recently. Asking / wanting others to solve their system issues for free is a load of bollox, cheap, and more importantly disrespectful to those that have paid the price to be a Premium Partner. I have paid the dough so I want the access promised as I am sure many others do too.


                              Forums are like a writhing sea of information moving and changing daily. Not all the same terminology is used by everyone leading quite often to questions going unanswered that simply fill up the search results with false hope.


                              Note: I am still foraging for an answer through support from 6 days ago. The same issue that lead me to start this post. Just about to go postal on the live chat about it. These kinds delays to the most simplest requests with inaccurate answers just adds delays that make situations increasingly embarrassing for me to my clients.

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                                Adam Cook (ONE Creative) Level 4

                                I've got a support ticket that is now a month old. Two weeks ago after I was writing annoyed updates to the ticket, I finally got a reply. They said they have escalated it to engineering and would keep me posted. I just checked back and my ticket is closed.


                                It's amazing what poor support can do to your attitude. I'm still committed, but this is just painful.


                                -Adam Cook

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                                  Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP


                                  If you not mind, PM me your ticket issue.

                                  See if I can help or advise you at all


                                  @Matt and @Micheal


                                  Check out the latest blog posts, you can see the new support levels, live chat improvements about to be launched.

                                  The newer knowledgebase is not to far away either I believe.

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                                    Matt_Wooler Level 1

                                    Oh I am certainly committed to the system for the future but yes it is painful.


                                    After jumping on live chat again last night I was told nothing would be happening until hopefully today because all staff have the day off for Easter, but it would hopefully be addressed. Does not explain the week delay.


                                    For any interested my very simple an direct issue relates to simply closing a site. Once an invoice has been issued to a client through BC a site cannot be deleted from the Partner Portal and returns an error requiring me to contact support. In the meantime the system continues to send emails requesting payment which my client is rather getting annoyed about. This particular issue has always existed and is problematic to Yearly Subscriptions. Obviously if it was a monthly subscription they pay out the month and close the site closer to the end of the month. As we all know clients are not always forthcoming with their intentions until the last moment so once again I am stuck with this problem I cannot control. In the meantime clearly an inexperienced staff member simply gave me the cookie cutter approach and said "do this..." and clearly had not even read what I had written outlining the problem from the onset. Now no responses for a week (2 spats on chat) and the ticket is still open and the site is still running in suspension.


                                    Above outlines just one of many very very very simple requirements that get increasingly frustrated. I just should not be so, hence why I urge others to somehow let BC know if they are getting the same problems. So as Michael said "It's amazing what poor support can do to your attitude".


                                    I look forward to the day this sort of thing is bygone but it must be resolved very very quickly or someone else will see the issues and build a better system. BC offers cost effective and unique opportunities for clients virtually unseen elsewhere in hosted CMS's but it did not take Adobe to think of this themselves. If they are not careful someone else will step in lap up the frustrated Partners with a improved environment.

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                                      Matt_Wooler Level 1

                                      mmmmm to follow up for the sake of argument I have finally had a response from Support after a week of hassling. I have now been given access to delete the site. Sorted in 30sec of reading response. The unfortunate fact is finger pointing by Support virtually say 'I' am responsible for the issue with no recognition of why the problem exists in the first place, if the problem will be addressed, or why it took a week of hassling to get to this point.


                                      A year ago this kind of issue would have been sorted in 8hrs, 2 years ago it would have been sorted in half a day, back even further prior to Adobe within 2hrs. Unfortunately my issue has clearly escalated from simply questioning the experience of Support to something far greater compounded by the finger pointing implied.


                                      Yes there are somethings I think need to be addressed by Adobe. I certainly must accept things are not going to improve soon and must wait out the 'kinks / rough edges / pointy bits / slaps in the face'. It would be good to revisit where we are at mid year and really see if things are getting better.


                                      I still do not think a forum is the place to air this kind of dirty laundry but it truly is the only tool we are given to use.

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                                        Adam Cook (ONE Creative) Level 4

                                        Thanks for your help, Liam. By the way, @BC, I love the new forum! Such an improvement.

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                                          mario_gudelj Most Valuable Participant

                                          Yeah, Liam, you're a true champion mate! Everyone in support and BC loves you. When you come to Sydney we'll smash a few beers at the Bavarian Beer Caffe. My shout! Matt's in too!



                                          BC Supportie

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                                            Matt_Wooler Level 1

                                            Cheeky bugger. True though, Liam has helped me also many a time. Not sure when he gets time to work but one hopes he has time to drink.