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    Editing an Old Site

    LadyFulton Level 1

      I'm having a major problem with dreamweaver.  I have uploaded a site that belongs to a friend of mine.  The site is currently missing a header and all that is viewable is a gray box where it should be.  I tried pasting a new header over the old one.  I tried making a new template with a header and imposing it over the existing web page.  Everytime I upload, it changes the header on every page.  Unfortunately, in dreamweaver in live view it shows the new header and when i choose preview in browser it shows the new header.  But on the actual upload, it only displays a grey box. 


      Also, when I saved this new header template thing for the home page, now it does not allow me to edit the rest of the page.  I am very worried about this because I followed the instructions to a perfect T and I have just had no luck.  I need to get this fixed and up as soon as possible.  I did not know it overwrote files so I no longer have the original that I can put back in the mean time. I need help please.  Very much!

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What is the link to the website so we can view it in our browsers?

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            LadyFulton Level 1


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              polar_bare Level 4

              You need to make sure your site is defined properly: Site/Manage Sites or Site/New and define it if it isn't defined yet.


              I don't think your graphic is uploaded to the web server. You have spaces in the files name, which I would not recommend. The problem is it is not finding your updated address header.jpg (notice the spaces)


              This looks like it is because you have not defined a site for this website.



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                Ken Binney Level 6

                Page can't find image


                http://www.accentawningco.com/erbfab.com/Corel%20Auto-Preserve/updated%20address%20header. jpg


                Locate the image

                Correct the path to it

                Lose the spaces in the image file name

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                  LadyFulton Level 1

                  I know the site is defined because I have updated it several times before.  I have changed the scrolling marquee and published several content changes.  I never had the problem until I tried to change the header. 


                  How do I save my photoshopped image correctly so that it can find the image? 


                  Also, once I have published the page and it looks right...how can I edit the page again?  The page in dreamweaver now will not allow me to make changes in design view.  It is all one solid block now where it used to be in a ton of different sections that allowed me to edit any time. 


                  I did not create this page, I am only trying to edit it.

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                    LadyFulton Level 1

                    I apologize for needing such step by step help.  I took classes over it in college, but I just can't remember ever dealing with a problem such as this before.  I appreciate everyone's help and input.  I'm very grateful!  I am a slow learner.

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                      Ken Binney Level 6

                      This page is not a child page spawned from a DW template, so any legit HTML & CSS code should be editable in DW.


                      It was apparently created in this software

                      <meta name="Generator" content="Incomedia WebSite X5 Evolution 8.0.16 - www.websitex5.com" />


                      If your image is viewable in a browser,  there is no need to go back to your graphics program.


                      This is a simple link path problem - find the image, rename it without spaces, place it in your images folder and correct the path in your pages' links.

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                        LadyFulton Level 1

                        What you said to do absolutely worked on my home page.  It did not carry over onto the rest of my site's pages.  When I removed the old header, it took it off all of them, but replacing it did not replace it on all of them.  (I removed it by accident) Can you tell me the best way to carry that header on all pages please?  Adobe's help isn't targeted to what I need, phone support sent me here, and I can google it all day, but you all seem to know exactly what is needed, so I shall ask here.  Thanks so much.

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                          Ken Binney Level 6

                          Perfect time to learn SSI (server Side Includes). R E A L L Y  E A S Y

                          and IMHO, even better than DW templates.

                          Look it up to grasp the concept



                          Verify that your hosting supports PHP code (nearly all do) then all you have to do is


                          copy just the HTML code that you wrote to display your header,


                          paste it in a text file and save it as header.inc


                          at the location in the page where you copied the header code,

                          replace the previously copied code with this bit of code:

                          <?php require_once("header.inc"); ?>


                          Repeat for all pages where you want the header to appear


                          Change your page file names from blabla.htm to blabla.php


                          Upload the header.inc file and your pages to the server.


                          If a change is ever needed, you need only modify the header.inc file and upload that one file

                          and the change will instantly appear in all pages  on the server


                          If you need any clarification, call me a  9 1 4 - 9 4 1 - 3 6 1 6

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                            Ken Binney Level 6

                            Holy Smokes -


                            I just took a look at your code and  saw this comment: <!--#include file="header.html" -->

                            So it appears you were already using SSI


                            *blush*   Sorry if I wasted your time


                            So all you have to do is add the call for the include file as you have it on the home page, to the other pages.

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                              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              The presence of <!--#include file="header.html" --> in the code suggests that the include statement is not being parsed (processed) by the server.

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                                Ken Binney Level 6

                                Hey John, how're ya doin' ?


                                There has probably been so much confusion about the site she is working on,

                                that either the include file got wiped out or the call statements or both.


                                Lady Fulton, the only code we can see is after the server has processed the file.

                                Do you have any local pages with a call for an include file?

                                If yes. please post the code for us.

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                                  LadyFulton Level 1

                                  No, you did not waste my time at all.  I found a tutorial online and I followed it, that is how I included the file to begin with.  I am looking now to see if I can correct the include to the other pages.  I just assumed when I included it one the home page it would auto appear on the other pages.  I will update with what I have accomplished or the lack there of shortly.  I will also post the code for you if I can find it. 

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                                    LadyFulton Level 1

                                    <h1>Awning Company Fort Myers, Cape Coral South West Florida</h1>

                                    <img src="images/header1.jpg" alt=" " width="800" height="150" /> </div>

                                    <!--#include file="header.html" -->

                                    <div class="imInvisible">

                                    <hr />

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                                      Ken Binney Level 6

                                      Please call me