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    Why don't my Lightroom 4 DNG files show up correctly in Picasa 3.9?

    pbfp Level 1

      Although I have really learned to love Lightroom I still like the elegant, quick and simple Picasa for certain tasks -- uploading photos to my Google web albums, setting screensaver and desktop photos, etc.  But I think that Lightroom 4 made some changes to the dng format which means that when Picasa imports the files into its database the dng files (not the accompanying jpg) come in squished and banded.  Does anyone else find this problem?  Is it something that Lightroom can fix or can they communicate with Picasa to solve it?


      I know that given Lightroom's power and fantastic ability to "develope" photos, it might seem unnecessary to use Picasa and I do admit that I don't use Picasa frequently, but still it does have its uses and I would like to see the two programs play nice together.  I am using Windows 64 bit, Lightroom 4 and Picasa 3.9 and phy camera is a Nikon D3100.