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    RoboSource Control 3 Explorer - Admin access and adding users


      Just started in a department where users working with RoboHelp HTML 7 are connected to a Windows XP PC on which RoboSource Control 3 Explorer is being used for version control.  The two guys who set up the system are no longer available.  I have the login for one of them, but do not know if he was the Admin or a subadmin in RoboSource Control.  When I go to Admin>User Library, I get the following screen.


      - None of the users show any rights checked.  - That's the first problem.

      - Is there any way that I can determine if the login I'm using is the real Admin?  Does the fact that I have access to the User Library tell me anything about this?

      - When I try to add a user, I get the error message "Error - you have insufficient rights to perform this operation."

      - I need to be able to add users and have Admin level control.  If the login I have is from the actual Admin, then I might be okay.  But if not, am I out of luck?  If that's the case, is my only option to take the following steps?

         1. Have a user check out all the project files.

         2. Disassociate those files from the RoboSource Control machine.  (There are hundred of topics in the project files.)

         3. Set up a new RoboSource Control with myself as the Admin.