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    Scrollable Content with multiple MSO inside of it !

    Jacques Letesson Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I created a scrollable frame with mutliple MSO inside of it ! Everything works fine, except for the MSO that are outside of the real document size. They look smaller and are not functionnal at all...


      I remembered DPS TIPS, best practices for embeded overlays ! Slideshow inside Scrollable frame will not work...



      However I didn't realize that MSO would be handle automatically as slideshow.


      Here is a little demo : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD8QI573rp4



      The problem is that I'm working on an horizontal folio (1024*768) and I would have like to use an horizontal scrollable content to fake a smooth scrolling (as I can't create a proper one - article of (2000*768) inside a 1024*768 folio).


      Is there any workaround to deal with MSO inside a scrollable content ? Does Adobe plan to fix this problem ? Is that even considerate as a bug ?


      Thanks for your time and your patience.









      PS : Note that my closing button are not working properly in my example as I forgot the apply action to them :-)