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    Graphics Card spec

    John_Picton Community Member

      I am running Photoshop CS5 Extended and I am currently trying the Beta of CS6. I am currently using my onboard graphics card and whilst on the whole have been happy I realise that I am not using the system to the fullest. I am using a PC with a PCI-e slot. What sort of (low budget I am afraid) graphics card should I be looking for. Any suggestions (IE minimum ram etc - or even a product recommendation).




      John Picton

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          Noel Carboni Community Member

          I'm personally most fond of ATI as I believe they do a better job with releasing high quality drivers, but others like nVidia.  Personal experience figures a lot into recommendations.


          Right now I'd specifically recommend the VisionTek ATI Radeon HD 6670 1 GB DDR5, as it doesn't draw too much power and won't tax your computer's power supply, yet delivers quite fast performance.


          In general for Photoshop use I'd recommend getting a video card that has 1 GB of RAM or more and scores 1000 or higher on the PassMark benchmark:





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            John_Picton Community Member

            Thanks for the input - that is very helpful.





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              Ashvin Ghisyawan Community Member

              Can I use CS5 on al Macbook Air (new one) with a i5 and Ati card?



              Do I have to upgrade my memory?


              Ashvin Ghisyawan



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                Trevor.Dennis MVP

                John, can you tell us a bit about the rest of your system?   You should probably be looking to create a balanced system where components more or less match each other.  You should also think about your operating system.    Windows 7 64bit with at least 6Gb RAM is a good start, and as Noel said, 1Gb of DDR5 in your graphics card.  


                But tell us about the rest of your system first.


                BTW  I live about 30 kilometrea away from a town called Picton.

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                  John_Picton Community Member

                  Hi Trevor - If you live near Picton I am assuming you are in New Zealand. I have never been but my neighbor is from near there.


                  My system is an AMD processor running at 3.2 Ghz with a triple core. I have 4GB of memory installed. I am running Windows 7 professional 64 bit.


                  It isn't the best system in the world - my other computer (which doesn't have Photoshop on it - I use it almost exclusively for recording) is a quad core system with 8GB memory - but still a bog standard graphics card.


                  Any suggestions you can make would be much appreciated.


                  Kind regards



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                    Dsel Community Member

                    I'm looking at the PNY Quadro2000 nVIDEA it is recommended for the GPU acceleration function of photoshop……….I was lead to believe only nVIDEA supports this.


                    I am not sure if a pro or workstation card is better than a gaming card.  Leadtek also produce a version of this card Quadro2000 nVIDEA……. No idea what differance between the PNy and the Leadtek is as they are both nVIDEA?


                    It is a 1GB card also.

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                      Curt Y Community Member

                      Dsel wrote:


                      I'm looking at the PNY Quadro2000 nVIDEA it is recommended for the GPU acceleration function of photoshop……….

                      PS CS6 uses Mecury Graphics Engine but not CUDA which I think you are refering to.


                      CUDA is used in some features with video in Premier Pro.