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    Adobe Flash NTLM Authentication Issue

    Peter M Lee

      This problem is having a major impact for many users in my account.


      The users are testing streaming course ware delivery over the Internet and also hitting the proxy re-login prompt.

      The problem with them is that after re-logging in the course restarts at the beginning.

      So it is not a fit for purpose environment for this application currently.


      The same problem occurs for companies webcast through Internet.


      Recent test with the users have confirm the issue occurs using the following version of flash:


      Adobe Flash Player ActiveX

      Adobe Flash Player ActiveX


      The Shockwave Flash NTLM authentication issue is characterised by the following packet sequence: WS sends Request to Server. Server closes the TCP connection without a response to the request. The WS establishes a new TCP connection and resend the request with previous NTLM Authentication details (ie does not go through the correct NTLM handshake for proxy authentication failure and the browser to pop for user credentials.


      When the above occurs,

      • NTLM authentication screen popup up, entering credential again didn’t resume video. I had to reload the page to resume video from the beginning.
      • No popup, but the video resumes from the beginning when there was a prolonged delay.


      The problem occurs on Windows XP SP3 with IE7 or IE8 with Flash Player


      Is the problem a known issue with Adobe Flash Player ?