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    Printing a cookbook title page


      My wife and I are trying to print a cookbook title page using an image with a title over the image. However, the print sometimes blurs or is lighter than the image. How can we print the text over the image without distorting the text?  Also, we are lanscape printing to a page that is 8.5 by 5.5. How do I just print this image on the right half of the page?

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          hatstead Adobe Community Professional

          Try this:


          1. File>new>blank file. Enter width=11.5", height=8.5", resolution 300 px/in., background=white.(I am assuming that you wish to use card stock of letter size, utilizing 1/2 the area for the graphic and the text.)
          2. For orientation, go to View>new guide, and place a guide at the half-way point. You can also use the grid.
          3. Open your image file and drag it to the canvas from the Project bin, or copy/paste
          4. Access the move tool,
          5. Position the image, and resize utilizing the corner handles of the bounding box
          6. Next, type your text and position it to suit. Be sure that the font color contrasts against the background, and that the pt size is adequate.
          7. You should have 3 layers: the background, the layer with the image, and the layer with text
          8. Go to File>print and enter size of paper, etc. in the dialog





          Ideally, the resolution of the image and of the blank file created in step #1 should be the same value. If necessary, you can reduce the resolution to 240 px/in and still get a decent print.

          The variance in brightness which you report between monitor and print output is probably related to calibration of your monitor.

          Please report your progress

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            ldscdr Level 1

            I believe this was the answer to our problem, at least partly. Thank you very much for your suggestion!

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              hatstead Adobe Community Professional

              You're welcome. Glad to help.