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    Dreamweaver crashes when "initializing" Business Catalyst extension




      This was my first intent to use the the BC Extension for DW (CS4).


      First I was able to open DW and to to connect to BC via the extension panel. I uploaded my website to BC as a trail site and then the problems startet. DW would crash with almost any step I took.


      At least I was able to open DW again. But from the moment on, that I clicked "stay logged in" in the BC-Panel, DW crashes from the moment on, when "initializing" BC. That means, I just can´t use DW anymore, because the programme crashes before even opening.


      Anyone any idea?



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          Andrei_Duca Adobe Employee

          Hi Ginoem50,


          If you experience JavaScript error messages when using Business Catalyst extension with Dreamweaver clearing the cache of Dreamweaver almost always solves it.


          So there are two ways of solving this issues.


          The first one is to remove the extension through the Extension Manager and re-install it.


          The second one is to clear Dreamwaver's cache. Its cache is kept in a file in its Configuration folder. That file name depends on OS:


          • For Windows  it is WinFileCache-<randomString>.dat
          • For  MAC  it is MacFileCache-<randomString>.dat


          Deleting of that file clears the cache. After restarting Dreamweaver is creating new one.Location of the cache file defers for each version and operating system.

          Here is a list of locations depending on OS for Dreamweaver CS4


          • Vista & 7: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\<language>\Configuration
          • XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS4\<language>Configuration\
          • MAC: MacHD : Users : <username> : Library : Application Support : Adobe : Dreamweaver CS4 : <language> : Configuration :


          Note that folders AppData in Vista and Application Data in Win XP are normally hidden. In order to unhidden them you need to:


              For Vista:


          •         Open new Windows Explorer window.
          •         Press Alt to reveal the text menu.
          •         Choose "Folder Options" from "Tools" menu. In the pop-up window go to "View" tab.
          •         In the list of options find "Hidden fles and folders" section and mark "Show hidden files and folders". Press ok to Apply the change and to cloce the pop-up.


              For Windows XP:


          •         Same as for Vista except that you don't need to press Alt in order to reveal the text menu. It is always visible



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            Ginoem50 Level 1

            Hi Andreia,


            Thank´s for your solution proposals. Before I got your answer I decided to reinstall DW from the scratch. And it worked.


            But a much easier and more efficient solution surely would have been, to  "remove the extension through the Extension Manager and re-install it" as you recommend.


            Thank you