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    Stuttering and synch problems after export to H.264


      I edited some AVCHD video in Premiere Pro 5.5.0, rendered a 5 minute sequence, and exported to H.264 for Vimeo, using Vimeo's guidelines:



      29.97 fps (as shot)


      Square pixels

      CBR 5 Mbps (tried VBR 1 pass and 2 pass as well, with no difference)

      Audio output AAC

      44.1 khz (from 48khz original)

      320 bps

      bitrate precedence (tried frequency precendence first, no help)


      The export plays fine in VLC player 2.0.1, but in Quicktime and after uploading to Vimeo, the audio plays well, but the video stutters and is mostly out of synch.


      If it makes any difference, MacBook Pro, 9Gb RAM, Mac OS X 10.7.3


      Any ideas?