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    Activated fonts not found in the font list.

    Mathias17 Level 3

      A constant problem - active fonts not found in the font list.


      And often when I can find trouble fonts, they're not correctly alphabetically ordered. I understand this may be the fault of the font author - not saving the correct screen name for the font so it matches it's actual name.



      Here's a strange case - Homestead. An approach to typography I've never seen before - you're meant to layer up multiple instances of the same text object and alter it's subset of the Homestead family. But activate the whole family and you'll never find more than one of it's family members at a time. Activate just one and you'll find it (not in alphabetical order, though). Deactivate that one and activate another - now you'll find it. This makes it's very cumbersome to use the font as intended. What is Aunt Illy doing here and why?




      will I ever get along with fonts . . .