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    combobox selected value trigger tables


      Hi All.


      I would like create a form with ComboBox and couple tables. But I would like to display only one table depend from ComboBox selected value. Let's assume ComboBox has value AAA and BBB. If we selected AAA in the form will display Table1. If we selected BBB Table2 will appear on the same place where was Table1. How it to do? I will appreciate for sample.



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          BarlaeDC Level 4



          please find a sample file here that shows how to do this - https://acrobat.com/#d=Dizrcr4rzvfkXU2L7sJUmA


          You have to make sure the form is set to flowed and not positioned otherwise the tables will be shown in their places on the form and not in the same location.


          Hope this helps



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            eugzl Level 1

            Hi BardaeDC. Thanks for replay.


            I try drag and drop that subform to place it in other location but it not move. I would like to locate ComboBox and Tables in any places in design form. And I would like to insert two Text controls that also will depent from ComboBox selected value. If selected value = AAA the Text1 control will appear and display Phone and Text2 hidden.  If selected value = BBB the Text2 control will appear and display Fax and Text1 hidden. When user just open form both Text controls is hidden. Is it possible to hide and show just table cell content by selected Combobox value?