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    How do I best compress a multi file project in Encore CS5 to fit a standard DVD?




      I have created a series of small films in Final Cut Pro X, they have been exported as seperate audio and video tracks, ac3 audio and mpeg video from the presets in FCPX.


      I want to use Encore CS5 to create DVDs out of them and I have used it before but only know the basics. The problem is that after I import all the media files, that I want on the first DVD, as assets and put them on the timeline it adds up to 7.23 GB, even though the time is just under 2 hours. I know that that might be pushing it a little bit in regards to the amount of time that I can fit on a regular 4.7 GB DVD, but it should't take up that much space. I removed a bunch of files from the timeline to see what I could fit and only got just under 1 hour. I can see that it is possible to decrease the file sizes, for instance by going to 'file'-'edit quality presets' and doing stuff there, but 'm not sure of the best way to do that.


      In other posts I have seen mentions of encore compressing files to fit automatically, but what i want is a way to fit all the video files, not the audio i guess, to a dvd with minimum quality loss. does anyone know the best way to do this?


      the only thing i can think off is either to use more DVDs than I feel that I should have to, or to burn a 7.23 GB image and then shrink that using soomething like DVD shrink, but that seems unecessary.


      So I have a feeling that there is a smart way to do this and would appreciate any help.


      Thanks. Nik